About the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership

The Clyde Marine Planning Partnership (CMPP) was formally established in February 2016 by a number of the members of the Core Group of the Firth of Clyde Forum including some of those who served as members of the Steering Group of the Clyde Scottish Sustainable Marine Environment Initiative.

Marine Scotland nominated the CMPP as the delegate for taking forward regional marine planning in the Clyde and published a public notice to this effect and consulted on a draft Direction in February and March 2016.

In March 2017 Roseanna Cunningham MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, signed the Ministerial Direction which delegates authority for marine planning in the Clyde Marine Region to the CMPP. Once adopted by Scottish Ministers the Plan will be statutory in nature. The CMPP is a statutory consultee in all marine pre-application and licence applications.


CMPP process of engagement


As part of the planning process CMPP staff have completed the final draft of the ‘Assessment of the Condition of the Clyde Marine Region’ identifying significant pressures and main issues to be dealt with in the marine plan. This will be published in 2017.

Core to the CMPP’s approach is public and stakeholder input. Work is underway on a Statement of Public Participation which will be published on the website. This will outline key periods of time in the plan development process and ways that people can get involved.