The pre-consultation draft Clyde Regional Marine Plan

Consultation open: 18th March – 27th May

What is the pre-consultation draft Clyde Regional Marine Plan?

The Clyde Marine Planning Partnership (CMPP) is in the process of developing a Clyde Regional Marine Plan to create a framework for integrated, sustainable and co-ordinated planning and management of the Clyde Marine Region’s environmental, economic and community resources. The CMPP has worked together with regional stakeholders to create a pre-consultation draft Clyde Regional Marine Plan that addresses the local issues and pressures on the coastal and marine environment.

The CMPP is interested in your views on the pre-consultation draft Plan and would like to hear your ideas on how it can be developed and improved. This pre-consultation phase is the first opportunity for wider stakeholders and the general public to read the draft Plan and provide feedback. The pre-consultation draft Plan will be revised based on your feedback and will then be shared again during a 12-week statutory consultation.

What does the pre-consultation draft Clyde Regional Marine Plan include?

The Plan begins with the Vision and Aims for the Clyde Marine Region then gives  background information about how the Plan has been developed and will continue to be developed, and how the Plan should be used. The pre-consultation draft is organised into two sections: (1) General Policies that provide an overarching framework for the sustainable development and use of the marine and coastal environment; and (2) Sector Policies that relate to the key, current economic activities taking place in the Clyde Marine Region. The draft Plan includes chapters on the following topics: climate change; historic environment; landscape/seascape; coastal processes, coastal flood and storm damage alleviation; natural heritage; non-native species; marine litter; general policies for all sectors; sea fisheries; aquaculture; sport, recreation and tourism; shipping, ports, harbours and ferries; defence; energy, subsea cables and pipelines; and marine aggregates.

How can you take part?

The pre-consultation will be open from 18th March – 27th May. Read the pre-consultation draft Plan and Sustainability Appraisal – Strategic Environmental Assessment below. We encourage you to take part in the pre-consultation by completing the online form below but if you would prefer to download a copy of the consultation form and send it to us, you can do so below. By taking part, you give us permission to analyse and include your response in our results. To find out how we handle your personal data, please see our privacy notice.

Download the pre-consultation draft Clyde Regional Marine Plan
Download the Sustainability Appraisal-Strategic Environmental Assessment
Download the Consultation Form

If you are interested in learning more about the pre-consultation draft Clyde Regional Marine Plan, we are hosting a series of engagement events throughout the Clyde Marine Region where individuals, community groups and professionals are invited to come along to ask questions and give their views. Check out our events page to find an event near you.

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Your views on the draft Clyde Regional Marine Plan

Vision: The marine and coastal environment of the Clyde Marine Region is clean, healthy, safe, productive, biologically diverse and accessible for all. It is managed sustainably to support productive and thriving coastal communities and to allow nature to flourish.


  • Provide a framework that supports opportunities for sustainable development and attracts investment.
  • Guide marine developers in early identification of localities of most and least constraint and potential impact.
  • Underpin the regeneration of urban coastal areas and support the economy in rural coastal areas.
  • Maintain, and where appropriate, enhance the health of the Clyde Marine Region, including the biodiversity, landscape and seascape, by protecting and improving its natural resources.
  • Ensure that the Marine Protected Area network contributes to the protection and enhancement of the region, and identify opportunities for environmental enhancement.
  • Ensure that activities and development do not significantly impact Priority Marine Features.
  • Promote sustainable and socially inclusive development and use of marine and coastal resources.
  • Encourage the reconnection of people with the sea through cultural heritage, work opportunities, educational initiatives and recreational pursuits.
  • Contribute to the wellbeing and cultural diversity of coastal communities.
  • Contribute to Scotland’s transition to a low-carbon economy.
  • Ensure that decisions in the Clyde Marine Region are taken in a way that maximise opportunities to mitigate and adapt to the consequences of climate change, thus creating resilient local communities.

Guiding principles:
(1) Sustainable Development
(2) Support delivery of Good Environmental Status
(3) Ecosystem Approach
(4) Adding value, not complexity
(5) Multiple responsible use of marine space

Download the Vision, Aims and Guiding Principles here

2. Do you have comments relating to the following chapters of the Clyde Regional Marine Plan? Whilst the Plan should be read as a whole, the links below will take you to the relevant chapter within the Plan.
Chapter 1: Climate Change
Chapter 2: Historic Environment
Chapter 3: Landscape / Seascape :
Chapter 4: Coastal Processes, Coastal Flood and Storm Damage Alleviation
Chapter 5: Natural Heritage
Chapter 6: Non-Native Species
Chapter 7: Marine Litter
Chapter 8: All sectors – general policy
Chapter 9: Sea Fisheries
Chapter 10: Aquaculture
Chapter 11: Sports, Recreation & Tourism
Chapter 12: Shipping, Ports, Harbours & Ferries
Chapter 13: Defence
Chapter 14: Energy, Subsea Cables & Pipelines
Chapter 15: Marine Aggregates
3. Should the Clyde Regional Marine Plan include more spatial policy for developments, activities and sectors in the Region?
4. Do you think there is any information that is incorrect or missing from the context section for any of the chapters?
5. Do you have any comments on the style, readability and formatting of this document? Please note that it is our intention to use ArcGIS to create the maps for the final Clyde Regional Marine Plan.
6. Is there anything else you would like to add to influence development of this Clyde Regional Marine Plan?